Digital Media

Digital media is imperative in today’s market, but you need a partner who knows the best avenues to reach your target audience and is savvy and trustworthy enough to do the work necessary to optimize your ad spend.


There is a famous quote “50% of marketing works, we just don’t know which 50%”. This is not exactly true anymore. With today’s available data on consumer habits – identifiable to the individual in some cases – paired with analytics on multi-channel / multi-variate advertising, your strategy needs to be much more sophisticated – and it will drive higher and higher returns in exchange. The core of all of Axiom’s proficiencies revolves around strategy – let us apply our expertise to your media buying.

Programmatic Buying

A now overused buzzword that still carries significant weight. Humans are outdated for most media buying these days and a computer in the cloud can make much better decisions about which creative is applied to which channel and at what bid price – in a manner of seconds. But it still takes human guidance to get it right.

Linear Connected TV / OTT

A long time coming, OTT (or advanced tv, or connected TV, etc) is finally coming into its own. In this fragmented marketplace it can be excruciating figuring out where to start. Our team are pioneers in digital media buying – and can help you avoid the pitfalls, and reap the benefits of this type of advertising. Don’t let your agency tell you they are going to roadblock the news to reach your audience. Millenials don’t even watch the news.


These are the billboards of the internet, but the difference is we can use sniper rifle approach to targeting the right consumers. Utilizing programmatic buying techniques along with cutting edge analysis including foot traffic measurement and sales lift, demonstrable returns


A slightly different animal than OTT, with a specific place in certain media plans. Preroll can be run programmatically across many platforms – but which ones are right for you?

Out-of-home (OOH)

This broad category applies to billboards, bus stops, cab tv’s, and most experiential marketing efforts. Where can you get the most views

Paid Social Media

In today’s digitally driven world, having a voice across social media is imperative for pushing your brand forward and connecting with audiences on a more intimate level you wouldn’t have the opportunity for in other mediums. We work with partners who have in depth experience specializing in the spheres of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and more.